Friday, August 11, 2006

Tip #2 - To Shooting Better Wedding Videos

This is just a quick tip that can help if your filming an all day event, especially a wedding that requires multiple tapes. By improving the small things like that mentioned below, you will be shooting better wedding videos straight away.

I usually have two cameras operating (with 2 operators most of the time) and at the end of the day there are anywhere between 10-15 tapes. This can be a pain to organise later on, so a method that I quickly learnt when I started was to label the main tapes before the actual day. I would have tapes set aside for the preparation, the service, the photo shoot, the speeches etc etc. And also, labeled Camera 1 or Camera 2. This assists in the capturing and storage of your tapes after the event. Sure not all of my tapes end up with a full 60 mins of footage, however it makes the post editing process much easier knowing exactly what is on a tape.

I generally wear a suit when I film and therefore have the beauty of a jacket to keep my tapes in. I only carry around a few at a time with me, the rest are in my camera bag, but be sure to have enough tapes on you incase you are running low and need to change urgently. As soon as I have used the tape I always switch the 'lock' switch over on the tape, just to prevent any possible overwriting of the contents, and it also allows me to see quickly those tapes I have used and those I haven't.

Tips: Wedding Video - How to shoot better wedding videos


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