Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tip #1 to Shooting Better Wedding Videos

Ok, so you have been asked to film your mates wedding, or perhaps a family member. Their budget is not huge, so they can't afford a professional videographer, (such as myself), so you have landed the job. They have asked you to use your small handycam or lent you one. The trouble is, you have never filmed a wedding what do you do?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when videoing a wedding is not using a tripod. It is such a simple thing, yet makes a ten-fold improvement to the final video. Too often have I seen footage from weddings where the person is up the back filming, zoomed right in (with the digital zoom as well, which is another issue entirely!) and the camera is going all over the place. I'm sorry, but no one wants to watch footage that is going to make them sea-sick.

So what do you do? Organise a tripod to use on the day, and arrive early. Whether the wedding ceremony is in a church, building, garden, beach etc, arrive early! Check out the surroundings and find the most suitable vantage point. You don't want to be blocking everyone's view, however you don't also want to miss those special moments like the vows, exchanging of rings and certainly not the kiss! Setup your tripod and make sure it is stable and level. This will allow you to freely capture the ceremony, produce a much more viewing pleasant video and save your arm from holding the camera. If you do need to move around for special angles or action shots, use a tripod that allows you to quickly unclick the camera from the stand. Alternatively, you can have a second camera that you use to move around and leave the camera on the tripod as a backup.

I hope this helps those that are planning on videoing. Unless you have a well balanced camera, or a really steady hand, I would recommend using a tripod where ever possible. The quality of the tripod will obviously affect the picture as well, such as the panning (moving left to right) or up and down. The more expensive tripods are much smoother and user friendly.

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